The Connection Of Rosacea With Stress

You have to bear in mind that maintaining a lifestyle could not be easy. This is due to the fact that there are various lifestyle factors that could not be satisfying or pleasing for you.

fruits and vegetables

For instance, more people would likely eat junk foods as well as processed products just to ensure that they would keep their stomach satisfied. Instead of taking advantage of the benefits brought by the healthy fruits and veggies, they would rather be affected by conditions.

There are various conditions that are often triggered due to lifestyle mistakes. In order to provide you one good example of the condition, you could consider rosacea.

Rosacea could be caused by a lot of factors, which would include your deficiencies in certain nutrients. In addition to this, rosacea is even linked to stress.

In order to give you supporting facts about the notion, here are the following:

Rosacea Causes

The main cause of the condition is not actually known. There are times that it could be triggered by different lifestyle habits. On the other hand, there are ones that claim rosacea to be caused by the dilation of blood vessels on your face.

Moreover, it could also be caused by heredity. Furthermore, the condition could also be caused alteration of your blood flow, skin mites, follicle irritation, skin damage, as well as psychological issues.

In fact, there is a study made by Dr. Richard Granstein of Cornell University, which stated that stress could promote the production of neuropeptides, which are the ones responsible for causing your blood vessels to dilate and consequently, your skin to flush.


There are studies supported by how rosacea-affected people connect stress and rosacea.

According to Lisa Borg, which is a nutritionist in Pulse Light Clinic, she had observed that many clients had reported that they have experienced rosacea after a traumatic event or stressful event in their lives.

Moreover, they even stated that at times, they find it more difficult to handle rosacea due to their stress

Cycle Factor

There is a study stating that stress could cause flare-ups and vice versa. This study is done by Dr. Ted Grossbart, which is a psychologist at Harvard University.

Most Common Cause

There is no exact cause of the condition. However, the studies about stress and rosacea just proved how connected rosacea is to stress.

It is stated that stress actually plays a big role in the progress of the symptoms of rosacea. Stress actually affects the vessel walls, which would then trigger faulty digestion as well as nutrient deficiencies.

Moreover, if stress would be affected the integrity of your vessels, you would be promoting the forced blood flow in your vessels, which would also result to the damage of vessels.

Brain Effect

Obviously, stress could also alter the function of your brain since it could cause hormone release as well as sympathetic nerve activity.

When these happen, you would be more sensitive and may actually have increased flare-ups. At times, the changes could even cause a likely constant rosacea reaction.